Is Meditation Only for Spiritual People?

It is a very interesting question. Isn’t it? Generally, people link meditation with either religious or with spiritual activities. But to understand the reality, one must understand what meditation really is.

Meditation is a technique that has been developed thousands of years ago. This technique is totally devoted to developing mental focus and attention, to concentrate onto a subject to such a degree that everything else in the mind becomes blank. Meditation is a powerful technique that when practised correctly, can connect breath with body, can control emotions even in difficult situations and alter consciousness when practised to perfection. Meditation can control stress and make the body immune to external onslaughts.

Spirituality claims meditation as their invention and is also deeply connected with religious practices, but it is not true. Meditation is a technique that does not belong to any religion, or spiritual practice. Meditation is a technique that has several types for different objectives.

Meditation was and is practised for strengthening the mental concentration, to be able to focus on a subject, for spiritual achievements, meditation with different physical movements and mantras, for transcendental objective, for relaxing mind and body, to make the mind kind and remove all negative thoughts from the mind, and to be able to see something happening far away etc.

Maybe there are many more meditation practises apart from what is mentioned above. But one cannot practise every technique as all techniques are not suitable for everyone. Different meditation technique requires different skills.

Here, we are discussing spiritual meditation

This technique of meditation is used in nearly all religions and spiritual practices. Meditation plays a very important part in spiritual practices, but this technique is not universal. It is diverse and has matches with world’s different spiritual traditions. Spiritual meditation is very different from others that are practised by different people from different religious practises.

People meditate for spiritual purpose to connect with a higher power that controls our universe. Different religions have different techniques of meditation, and they practice it to relate to God. Christians do it by doing contemplative prayer, Sufis practice it their own way, Jews practice kabbalistic practices. Similarly, different religions have different methods of spiritual mediations that can take them nearer to the world’s supreme power.

The practitioner of spiritual meditation prefers to practice it alone and can do it in his home or in a religious place. It is practised to develop spiritual growth and to establish a deeper connection with higher powers in the universe.

Meditation is not only for spiritual purpose

The variety and diversity in meditational techniques has proved it as a purely scientific process that can be practiced for strengthening the power of mind from thousands of years. This technique has been researched upon for years and new inventions have been made to get a better result through meditation. Power of mind has performed miracles and it is not always spiritual. Spirituality is divine and the process to seek the supreme power. Meditation is definitely one of the most powerful techniques in the process of gaining spirituality, but it can never be claimed that meditation is only for spiritual purpose.

Master Dhruvika Gupta

Master Dhruvika Gupta

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