Are You Truly Happy?

We often hear statements like if I get this, I’ll be very happy, or if I achieve this target, I will be able to lead a happy life. Do you agree that most of us seek happiness in material things, relationships or in our achievements? The problem is that all these situations are temporary. The moment these things go away, or we achieve the planned targets, the happiness disappears with them too.

So, how do we find happiness?

Life is all about perspective. We can have all the money in the world, or we may enjoy success at every step of our lives, but it still does not guarantee a joyful life. The meaning of happiness and joy differs from person to person. A salesman who is able to finally crack a deal after a long day may find happiness in that moment, or a mother seeing her child on the stage may feel tears flowing through her eyes out of joy.

It is normal to feel happy, blissful, and joyous on our small victories, precious moments and great achievements. The problem starts when we are happy only when those things happen.

I led a long stretch of my life living the same philosophy where my happiness was attached to people, objects, situations, and it took me even longer time to realize that key to my happiness lied in the hands of other people or objects. I’m sure that lot of us live our lives the same way. However, I still felt that the happiness wasn’t real. It took me a while to tread upon the path of healings to find the true meaning of happiness. The sooner we experience the true happiness, faster becomes the union of body, mind and soul.

I still feel happy at beautiful moments, on my achievements, or when I’m around good people, but I have learned to practice the theory of attachment and detachment. Enjoy the moment and move on. Don’t dwell in those memories, as everything is temporary. So, I’m happy when I see my patients getting healed, or someone happy after my life coaching sessions, but then I remember, to disconnect and move on.

It is important to work on our inner human revolution because we are souls on our individual journeys. We have people in our lives because we have chosen them to help us become better human beings but let us keep the key to our happiness with ourselves. Learn to make your mind quiet, so that you can hear the unread messages and missed calls from the universe. Find happiness in nothing. Try to be joyful without any reason. Practice smiling. Live in a blissful state. All of this happens when we find harmony in body, mind and soul.

The tears of joy, and the feeling of ecstasy in the middle of meditation is incomparable to the momentary happiness achieved through objects and people. So, ask yourself this simple question, “Are you truly happy?” Perhaps, it will be easier for you to find the answer this time.

Master Dhruvika Gupta

Master Dhruvika Gupta

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Master Dhruvika Gupta
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