Is Destiny a Reality or a Myth?

Destiny is what we expect will happen in our lives in future. It is something that we see from the words of our elders, astrologers, or fortune-tellers. Isn’t Future a time zone that is yet to come in our lives? In fact, future never comes because the moment future is with us, it becomes present. Therefore, future is always behind the screen of uncertainty. And we are all keen to know what future has in store for us.

Whatever happens in our lives in time to come, we call it luck, fate, or destiny. Many of us believe that our future is predecided and cannot be changed. What is destined for us will happen, may what come. On the other hand, many of us think that there is nothing in our lives like destiny, luck, or fate. Our future takes its shape by what we do in our present. We cannot expect jasmine to bloom in future if we have planted a rose tree today.

Everyone of us has to work someplace to remain alive and meet our responsibilities. It is our effort to live or our Karma. If our karma is good for the world, we are destined to have a better future. But it will be otherwise if we are involved in doing bad karma and harming the society, and in such case, we are bound to have a bad destiny.

So, destiny is something that gives us exactly what we give to this world. In short, we build our own future by our karma or deeds. It can never be fixed. A good person cannot be sufferer with sorrows in his whole life. He has built his future and good times are bound to come to him, sooner or later.

Most of us blame God, the world, other people when we have bad time. But we never analyse our own deeds, what we have been doing and what we have given to this world. God, for us is an entity whom we have not seen and are not sure of His existence. We call Him the creator of this world and controller of our actions and decisions. We say God has written our destiny and no one can change it. But to think deeply, God is an invisible power, and He never interferes in our lives.

We believe that our bodies are perishable. We have to die one day. So, is death our ultimate destiny? But the knowledgeable have said that we are souls or Atmas. And Atma never perishes. We are children of the same God or Paramatma and our good deeds in our lives elevates our atmas to meet with Paramatma when we do good to others during our lifetime.

Many claim that our lives are guided by our destiny, and it can never be changed. We have to have part of good or bad in our lives according to our destinies. But if we think logically, we build our own destinies by our karma. Good brings good and bad brings bad. There may be tough time in our lives, but this tough time happens to everyone. It passes and we again live happily. Tough time cannot be blamed to destiny. Our future is never there, it changes to present the moment it arrives, and we live in present. Therefore, if we keep our present good, our so-called future is bound to be good too.

Remember that our decisions and life choices decide our fate or destiny. If we decide to learn healing, we choose a future where we have the possibility of getting healed. We live in a multiverse with different future possibilities. We come with one destiny based on our past life karmas, but our karmas in this life can help us change our future.

I changed my life when I learnt Reiki. I changed my future with my karmas and conscious life choices. If I can change my life, I’m sure you can too.

Just take that first step!

Master Dhruvika Gupta

Master Dhruvika Gupta

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Master Dhruvika Gupta
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