Are You an Angry Ant?

This is one of the biggest achievements of my life, turning from an angry ant to a happy squirrel. I was a happy and cheerful person in my childhood and adolescent age. I married very early in my life without understanding the changes it will bring to me. I never realized when that cheerful girl changed into an angry ant. In fact, I was angry at everything. I was angry at people, at situations, and with God.

My life was not in my control, and it felt that it would never end. As most people say, I also blamed people and situations for my anger. I felt that I was always a happy person, so I was not to be blamed for the change. After a very long time in my life, I realized that the anger was in me. I was holding a cup which was filled with anger. So everytime, a person or a situation bumped into me, my cup would spill only anger.

This awakening or understanding did not come to me in one day. When I was blaming God for everything, he was planning to send family, friends, and strangers to help me with this process of self-evolution. All of them have a big contribution to helping me reach this level in my life. When I look back, I see myself taking baby steps towards my journey to become a better human being.

So, all of you who struggle with anger, please ask yourself, “Who is getting angry? Is it you, the other person, or the situation?” If I light a matchstick, it will ignite spark and will create fire, because that is its property. Similarly, if someone triggers me, and if I get angry, that means, it is my characteristics, and only I can change it. Trust me, this process of self-correction is not easy. The day you’ll understand that you are in this world on your own journey, you will work to make your journey worthwhile.

Find someone who can be your Guru or guide. It can be your family member, a friend, a colleague, or a stranger. When you’ll walk on this path of being a better person, you will come across hundreds and thousands of questions. If you have a Guru or a guide, then you will find answers to your questions, and the journey will become beautiful. Remember, it’s a process that takes time. I still get angry, but I know when it is happening, and when to stop.

I appreciate myself for my victories, irrespective of whether they are big or small. If I’m able to control my anger eight out of ten times, it is a victory.

So, I would suggest a few things to make it easier for you:

  • Accept that you need help
  • Find a Guru or a guide who can help you in your journey
  • Seek help
  • Take small steps
  • Appreciate your achievements
  • Express gratitude every day

As someone helped me when I needed it the most, I’m sure that you will also find that star who’ll guide you through the darkness, so that you can also change from an angry ant to a blissful soul.

Master Dhruvika Gupta

Master Dhruvika Gupta

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Master Dhruvika Gupta
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