Healings are Mystical

I have been a believer of medicines for a long time in my life. Any pain, or plain fever, and I would pop a pill. The solution was simple. I would travel a lot due to my work. The corporate life, even though in education industry, was hectic. I would continuously have cervical pain, and I would joke to my Physiotherapist Dr Stuti to take my AMC for the entire year, and we would laugh. By the way, you can read her experience of healings in the Testimonial Section. We became very good friends over a period of time.

It was back then that I developed a problem called Tennis Elbow, and it was ironical for someone who had never played tennis. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to my jokes. Anyway, numerous visits to doctors, Acupressure treatment, and still nothing helped for almost one year. The doctor told me to go for surgery for which I was not prepared.

It was during this time that I started seeing strange visions, intuitions, premonitions. And when all that started to come true, I was unable to handle it and I locked myself in my house. It was then that I got introduced to this mystical world of healing. I learnt the first level of healing, and to my utter shock, I had no pain by the end of my course. Out of curiosity, I went to see my Acupressure guy, and he asked if I had got the surgery done.

The answer was no. A pain that had bothered me for one year, where I could not even lift a glass of water was gone. No one believed me, not even my boss, who had seen me writhing in pain for a year. But something inside me had opened a new dimension to my life. There was more to what my eyes could see, or my ears could hear, or my skin could feel. I had entered a new world of magic. I would touch my son’s flat foot, and the pain would disappear, or I would touch my head and the headache would fade. I ran like a child with this new magical touch and have never looked back since then. From Reiki Healing to Sound Healing to Void Healing, the learning has never stopped. I would see people in the beginning of my healing journey, now I see, souls and energies. The entire perspective has changed.

The journey of this mystical world of healings has been beautiful. The life path has never been clearer like it is now. I have learnt to embrace both sadness and happiness, pain and gain, nothing and everything. We always believe what we experience, and I can say that I experienced the change from medication to meditation. Life is beautiful when you experience magical moments every day.

However, you experience magic only when you surrender to the supreme power. The universe responds to what you seek. Healings teach us to be pure, to believe in the power of prayers, good intentions, and positive energies. When you imbibe these qualities in yourself, the magic of healings begins to unfold in your life.

I experienced the magical world of healings, and it's like meeting the supreme, your creator every day. You may call healings by any name, but at the end of the day, the experience is MYSTICAL.

Master Dhruvika Gupta

Master Dhruvika Gupta

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Master Dhruvika Gupta
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