Telephonic Session


Duration of the Session:

15 minutes

Mode of the Session:

Telephonic Call

Who Is It For:

This session is for the Cosmos Tree Souls who wish to speak to Master Dhruvika telephonically to seek her guidance.

What Is A Guidance Session:

Master Dhruvika connects telephonically with her Cosmos Tree Souls who need guidance on their daily life struggles.

How Does A Guidance Session Help:

A Guidance Session with Master Dhruvika helps you to find answers to your most important questions that are causing confusion in your life. The session guides you to make important decisions in your life with confidence and ease. You can get advice about anything, from love to health, work to travel, money to relationships, and so on. Just remember, every single member who has connected with Master Dhruvika has experienced her love, blessings and guidance which brought so much positivity in their lives that it created a lifelong bond of a Mentor and a Seeker.


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Master Dhruvika Gupta

Master Dhruvika Gupta

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Master Dhruvika Gupta
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