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Mixel Combination: Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Sulemani Hakik

  • The amethyst gemstone represents Saturn, which represents 'Justice' and 'Humility.
  • People with a weak Saturn benefit most from wearing an amethyst gemstone. It helps them get rid of the bad effects of Saturn (Shani). So, it's a good Blue Sapphire alternative for Shani's ‘Dhaiyya’, which lasts 2.5 years, ‘Shani Saadhe Saat’, which lasts 7.5 years, or ‘Shani Mahadasha’
  • Amethyst can help people who have a strong Saturn in their horoscope make the most of the favourable situation. The wearer develops a more settled character, solid judgement, and a successful career as a result.
  • SIt is said to help with knee, back, and shoulder problems, as well as to keep the body as a whole healthy.
  • People often call Black Tourmaline the ‘Protection Stone’ because it is a strong stone that helps people keep their energies safe.
  • Black Tourmaline keeps you safe from negative energy, which makes it easier to stay focused on your goals.
  • Black Tourmaline improves circulation, lessens the effects of lung problems, speeds up the metabolism, and gets rid of aches and pains in muscles quickly.
  • Having Sulemani Hakik with you does keep evil spirits and eyes away.
  • Pregnant ladies are vulnerable to negative energies. Sulemani Hakik will keep them safe from danger. That's why even moms put this stone around their babies when they are born.
  • It is the only gem with magical powers that can protect the person who wears it from black magic and the evil eye. If you think that the trouble at home and business losses are caused by black magic, you need to get this stone right away.
  • It balances the positive and negative energy, or the yin and yang.
  • It makes the body more balanced, which is especially good for older people.
  • It helps you fall asleep and fights nightmares.


The Cosmos Tree bracelets come with a set of instructions regarding the crystals’ properties and their care. Natural stones come with natural scratches or inclusions. These are not flaws in the production process. Due to the nature of the crystals, items may vary slightly in sizes, weights, and colours from the ones shown on the website.

The Cosmos Tree Products are non-returnable and non-refundable due to a four-stage healing process that they undergo once you place an order.


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