Angel Healing


(Once a Month)

Duration of the Workshop:

8 hours

Mode of the Workshop:

Zoom Meetings

About the Workshop:

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing which is given through palms of the hands, symbols and mantras. It is based on the idea that a ‘life force energy’ that we can't see flows through us and is what keeps us alive. If a person's ‘life force energy’ is low, they are more likely to get sick or feel stressed. If it is high, they are more likely to be happy and healthy.

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words: ‘Rei’, which means ‘God's Wisdom or the Higher Power’, and ‘Ki’, which means ‘life force energy’. So Reiki is actually ‘life force energy guided by spirit’.

Master Dhruvika teaches a unique combination of Reiki and Angel Healing to bring the best of both worlds for her students. Angel Healing helps the students to connect with the angels and Archangels to heal themselves and the people in their environment.

Workshop Module Includes:

Origins of Reiki & Angel Healing, different kinds of Angels & Archangels, their place in the angelic hierarchy, and their jobs, Reiki Symbols and Reiki Healing with Physical Touch, Reiki Attunement from Master Dhruvika for Level-1, Weekly Practice Sessions and hand-holding for life.


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Master Dhruvika Gupta

Master Dhruvika Gupta

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