Akashic Record Reading (30 minutes)


Duration of the Session:

30 minutes

Mode of the Session:

Zoom Video Call

Who Is It For:

People who are suffering from physical problems, financial blockages, relationship issues, mental or emotional breakdowns.

What are Akashic Records:

The Akashic Record is an energy 'log' of your soul's journey. It begins with the arrival of your soul as a source and continues until you return home. Your 'stops' along the journey, your lives, provide you with an endless opportunity to learn and 'perfect' your soul as you go beyond your everyday struggles. The Akashic Record contains the energy imprint of your thoughts, emotions, memories, and karmas throughout your incarnations, whether young or old.

How Does an Akashic Record Reading Help:

This energy accumulation allows us to gain the lessons and experiences we need in each new incarnation to help us progress. Everything that is happening in our lives is an extension of our karmas, either from our past lives, or our current lives. Master Dhruvika checks the Energy Log of your soul to find the root cause of your suffering, and guides you to heal your karmas accordingly.

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