Mystical Monthly Meditations


Duration of the Session:

30 minutes

Mode of the Session:

Zoom Meetings

About the Session:

  • Do you wake up tired?
  • Do you feel lost in the morning time, or throughout the day?
  • Do you feel low on energy – physically, mentally, and emotionally during the day?
  • Do you feel negativity too often?
  • Do you feel pain, worry, or sadness without any reason?
  • Do you feel difficulty in concentrating during meditation?
  • Do you get upset or angry very quickly?
  • Do you feel disorganized in your personal or professional life?
  • Do you want to get empowered to deal with all these situations?

Join me for a Mystical Meditations Workshop in which I'll help you find a way to solve all of these issues.

Get rid of negative blocks to live a happy, contented and successful life.

Here's what you will experience in this 30 minutes workshop:

  • Practice of Breathwork
  • Introduction and Practice of Grounding Techniques
  • Guided Meditation for Success

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