Annual Horoscope


Duration of the Session:

60 minutes

Mode of the Session:

Zoom Video Call

Who Is It For:

A Mokshapatta Annual Horoscope helps you with guidance for different aspects of your life for a complete year. Imagine your life when you know about the obstructions and solutions you need for one complete year. It's like driving in an unknown territory with a map.

What is Mokshapatta:

Mokshapatta is a form of board divination that imparts knowledge of Indian philosophy and karma. Its roots lie in the Vedic culture and the readings are relevant to every age and era, both in the past and in the generations yet to come.

How Does a Mokshapatta Reading Help:

Mokshapatta readings not only provide answers to concerns about your current or future life but also provide insight into where you are in your life stage. This board may disclose the many transitions or turning points in your life that you have experienced or will face in the future.

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