Amethyst Bracelet - Door to Divine


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  • Our Door to Divine Bracelet is made with a strong and protective Amethyst Stone, which protects the wearer against anxiety attacks and turns their energy into love.
  • It is a powerful crystal for the Third Eye Chakra which brings the material and spiritual worlds together.
  • Amethyst helps you become meditative and strengthens your intuitions as well.
  • Amethyst helps you keep your cool when you're in a situation that could upset you.
  • Amethyst makes you feel calm and strong at the same time.
  • Amethyst helps in keeping the body's metabolism in check.
  • It is good for the endocrine system, and helps people with headaches and brain fog.
  • It helps you with problems like insomnia, and get sound sleep.
  • Amethyst boosts the immune system and helps people think more clearly so they can make better decisions.


The Cosmos Tree bracelets come with a set of instructions regarding the crystals’ properties and their care. Natural stones come with natural scratches or inclusions. These are not flaws in the production process. Due to the nature of the crystals, items may vary slightly in sizes, weights, and colours from the ones shown on the website.

The Cosmos Tree Products are non-returnable and non-refundable due to a four-stage healing process that they undergo once you place an order.


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